Perfect your swing


Our Academy follows the instructions of the official ITF (International Tennis Federation) using the tennis program Play & Stay. The tennis aims to be an easy, fun and healthy sport and to ensure all starter players are able to serve, rally and score from their first lesson. (red level, orange level,  green level).  

  • 5-7 Red ball
  • 7-9 Orange ball
  • 9-10 Green ball

After the age of 13 our champions can take part in nationals and international tournaments and tennis events. They practice daily to achieve their goals and improve their level technically and mentally.

Our Academy collaborated with some of the most well-known American Universities. where our player from pro high performance team can get a full scholarship. 

  • Group Lessons
Practise with others to win games and expieriences. 
Team spirit, cooperation and happiness, three features to select our group lessons!

  • Private Lessons
Dedication to the dream of every player.
Training over and over again to improve your advantages and to clear your disadvantages

Meet the Team

Renowned tennis professionalists from Greece and all around the world with bright tennis career and the latest and uptodate techniques. That's who we are!

Aristotelis Mouratoglou

Founder- Head Coach
My name is Mouratoglou Aristotelis, i started playing tennis at the age of 10years
Monitor teaching padel class

Giannis Konstantinidis

Padel Instructor
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Tennis Instructor with Senior Woman

Antonis Georgopoulos

Tennis Coach
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Everything You Need

We got everything you need for a great career in Tennis. We are the Tennis club of your dreams! We offer:

Training and coaching

Junior Programs

Programs for kids! We create the professionals of tomorrow, playing with your kids today!

Certified Instructors

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